Video Guidelines

As part of the application  you will be required to create a 90 second video to enhance your submission which you can upload on youtube or vimeo.


This is a great way to bring your investment proposal to life, helping you differentiate yourself in standing out amongst the competition,one of the key factors of a successful business innovation.
So to help you create a compelling video we thought we would provide  assistance on how to go about it and what to say – remember you’ve only got 90 seconds so here are some points to consider and links to follow:

Remember – less is more! Keep it short and make it memorable – Maximum 90 seconds

Some questions to ask yourself before making your video!

  1. What is your relevant background?
  2. What is the product or service?
  3. What problem is it solving?
  4. How innovative is it?
  5. What is your Value Proposition?
  6. Who you think will buy it?
  7. How quickly you can commercialise it?
  8. Do you own the Intellectual Property?
  9. Is there a competitor? If yes, why is your idea better?
  10. What are your key development milestones?

Here are some useful resources in creating content on YouTube
YouTube Creators’ Hub
YouTube Help Center

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