How much Investment is available to implement my innovative plan?

If you are successful you will be receive a maximum grant investment of €25,000 and you will have to show evidence that you can match this amount

What will the fund be used for?

The fund is open to all Local Enterprise Office Clients who wish to advance their new innovation

What is LIIF?

LIIF is a €1.5m LEO Innovation Investment Fund for Innovative Microenterprises

How do I apply?

Apply online. the application will be saved and sent to the Local Enterprise Office that you designated in the form

I have an idea for a new business – Where do I start?

Our aim is to promote entrepreneurship, foster business start-ups and develop existing microenterprises to drive job creation and to provide accessible high quality supports for your business ideas. If your business is trading for 12 months you are eligible to apply.

What does the Grant Investment cover?

The LEO Grant Investment of up to €25,000 may be considered for the following tasks:

  • Capital Expenditure associated with your new innovative development
  • Salary Costs associated with your new innovative development
  • Consultancy, Research, Innovation, Marketing Costs associated with your new innovative development.
  • General Overhead Costs including working capital costs associated with your new innovative development

I have received investment from my LEO, can I apply?

Established clients who have received M1 Investment Funding from their local LEOs in the past 24 months prior to the date of application are entitled to apply for this programme provided that the application is innovative as defined by the programme and is materially different from what was previously approved by the LEO. No double funding of the same activity is allowed